Sinnoh's got fog. Lots of fog. Enough fog to make us question the fact that it's Galar with the whole UK vibe going on. And while finding the Defog HM in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl isn't strictly necessary to complete the game, it's a handy move to have around. Frankly, if there were an "honorary necessity" category, Defog would be all over it.

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This guide demystifies the search for Defog. Where can it be found? When can it be used? And where will it prove most useful? Excellent questions, one and all, and we've got the answers.

Where Is Defog In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl?

Pokemon Diamond Pearl Platinum Sinnoh Great Marsh Pastoria City

The ultimate quest to be the very best takes players on a trip across Sinnoh leaving few stones unturned. Players must collect eight gym badges to be eligible for entry into the Pokemon League. You'll spend plenty of time getting to know Sinnoh's major communities, including Pastoria City.

Pastoria's eccentric Crasher Wake runs the region's fourth gym. You should make it a point to beeline to his gym shortly after your arrival in this swampy settlement. After all, you won't be able to use Defog outside of battle until Crasher Wake has been defeated. Someone out there must be on the lookout for mischievous trainers who dare to defog misty mornings without ownership of a tiny metal trinket. Pokemon is weird.


Now that you've got the Fen Badge, head on over to the entrance to the Great Marsh. It's at the northern end of Pastoria City. The Great Marsh is a pretty big place, serving as the fourth generation's version of Kanto's old Safari Zone. Lots of Pokemon can be caught here that either can't be found anyplace else or are so rare elsewhere that you really ought to just come here instead.

It's here that you'll find Defog, and in an act of kindness, the developers opted to drop the green-haired NPC who gives you Defog right at the beginning. Their character model is based upon the Ace Trainer archetype and they're just a handful of steps to your right upon arrival.

There's an alternative method to obtain Defog. You can get it earlier this way, though it won't do you much good until after the bout with Wake. In the Grand Underground, there are NPCs who serve as "Sphere Traders" and some carry Defog as a prize for handing in plenty of Spheres.

How To Use Defog

Pokemon BDSP HM App

Using Defog is easy. Just boot up your Poketch by pressing R1 and then navigate to the Hidden Moves app. Selecting Defog will cause a wild Pokemon to swing by and bring some much-needed clarity to foggy areas for you.

There are plenty of places to test out your new toy. Here are a few:

  • The north stretch of Route 210 en route to Celestic Town.
  • A sizable chunk of the stretch of Mount Coronet leading to Snowpoint City.
  • The path to Shaymin in the post-game.
  • Parts of the Great Marsh while you're out hunting for rare Pokemon.

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