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New World's endgame begins at level 60. It's a grind, and there's more to do than you think, even if most of it is currently a little broken. PvE consists of Elite runs and endgame dungeons, PvP revolves around Outpost Rush (currently disabled) and endgame wars, and grinding is focused around upping your gear score and hitting max trade skill level.

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But once you hit 60, the game doesn't do an incredible job at telling you what to do next. This guide covers the first steps you should take once hitting max level.

Updated November 24 by Harry Alston: New World's endgame has been tweaked significantly in Patch 1.1, Into The Void. If you thought the endgame was a potential grind, it's got a loss worse, with elite boss buffs and buggy, reduced Elite Chest value. We run over some of the changes here.


Patch 1.1 Changes To The Endgame Grind In New World

New World Patch 1.1

You might have noticed some differences when it comes to completing endgame loot loops around areas like Myrkgard. In Patch 1.1, there were a number of unaddressed tweaks and changes to the health pools of certain mobs and the way in which elite bosses now scale according to how many players are in the area.

  • Zergs are now less effective for completing high-level areas. No more 50-player pushes through Myrkgard - the elites are impossible to defeat.
  • It's better to run a smaller group of around 10 players for elite boss runs and chests. However, you might find that this is now some serious grind, with elite buffs across the board.
  • Elite Chests are currently bugged - at least we think they are. You will find the amount of armor you get out of elite chests has fallen through the floor. It's almost always weapons now.

That being said, there are still some solo activities for level 60s. These might be harder/more time-consuming after Patch 1.1, but here's a comprehensive list regardless.

First Quests For Level 60

New World Reekwater Endgame

You will finish the main storyline (and receive your tier 5 Azoth Staff) at close to level 60, depending on what sort of leveling path you've taken through the game.

Your main aim is to complete the quests offered by Eintou Madaki in Shattered Mountain. After a number of sidequests, you'll unlock the quest "Madaki's Stratagem" which will provide a legendary weapon when completed - providing you're at 20 mastery in the weapon and level 60.

These quests aren't easy. You'll be sent far and wide across high-level zones to collect materials for the weapons, and it's much easier with a friend (or a couple of friends.)

At the end of the quest, you'll be rewarded with a 580 gear score Epic weapon. These might be better than what you'll find on the market, though you might as well check for 580+ weapons as players begin to craft and sell their high-tier gear.

Level 60 Solo Guide

  • Grind for the level 60 Faction Armor. Even after Patch 1.1, the Faction set is one of the best sets in the game. It's a straightforward way to get your gearscore up, although it does not count toward your watermark.
  • Complete as many quests as you can. Even low-level quests can open up better quests elsewhere on the map, and they provide good gold even if you don't need the experience anymore. New quests were introduced with Patch 1.1.
  • Complete quests in endgame zones for the 20 mastery legendary weapon quests. You can solo pretty much all of these, although killing elites is much harder in Patch 1.1. You might need to find some buddies to complete these with.
  • Start to focus on one or two tradeskills to level - stuff like weaponsmithing and armoring is good if you want to craft your way up to 600 gear score.
  • Trophies, houses, and luck/harvesting gear should also be a priority.
  • Clear corruption for extra Azoth, or run dungeons. Low level dungeons are fun to run even at a high level, mostly thanks to the gems, gold, and azoth avaialble.

Begin The Gear Score Grind

New World Myrkgard Endgame Elite

If you want weapons that are greater than a 580 gear score, you have three methods: crafting, purchasing, or grinding. Grinding your gear score is a long process, but ultimately worth it if you want to prepare for the endgame expeditions and future endgame content.

  • Minor Farming and Chest routes for new level 60s - You want to check out some of the areas like Scorched Mines and Lonely Climb in Shattered Mountain. These are good until around 550-560 gear score. You should also check out Malevolence in Edengrove, Mangled Heights in Great Cleave, Imperial Palace down in Ebonscale, and Eternal Pools in Reekwater.
  • Major Farming and Chest routes - Once you've hit that 550-560 gear score, you can head into some of the major routes, like the high-level Myrkgard elite area in Shattered Mountain and Siren's Strand in Reekwater.

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Corrupted Portals

New World endgame portal bug

Running endgame Corrupted Portals is a great source of Azoth, loot, and gold. Closing the major corrupted breaches around Myrkgard was pretty fun (while it lasted, the loot is currently disabled) and you will need to do the portals to get the mats you need for endgame Tuning Orbs.

There isn't much more than just watching the chat for "Portal Runs" and running them when you can. Expect the zergs to be big when they turn these back on. Please notice the image for this entry - that's a bug we experienced while trying to complete Portals. There are still problems with the game.

Outpost Rush

New World 2 - via Amazon
via Amazon

Currently disabled, Outpost Rush makes the main bulk of the endgame PvP content. For winning or losing you'll receive a bunch of gold and azoth, and it's a lot of fun.

This is an essential part of the endgame, even if you're not a massive PvP fan. It's worth trying out because it's unlike any other part of the game. Much less buggy than wars, less focused on that sort of "meatgrinder" objective system they've got in wars, and you can run the mode back-to-back with friends or randoms.

We have a guide written up for Outpost Rush based on the closed beta if you want to see what the mode is all about.

Preparing For Arenas

New World endgame arena

Arenas are actually a bit tougher than the endgame expeditions, Lazarus and Gardens (you will want to wait to complete these until you're at least gear score 525+, maybe more for Lazarus), and require a lot more prep.

The arena fights are heavily DPS-checked. You should prepare with trophies in your houses, yes, all three, and come with a weapon coating that applies to the damage type in each of the arena battles.

You get 15 minutes to defeat the arena boss. Don't go in underprepared, because the keys are tough to craft/loot.

Best Professions To Focus On In The Endgame

New World endgame shot

There are a couple of pretty crucial endgame professions to focus on, primarily Stonecutting. From level 150 onwards you'll be able to craft Tuning Orbs, which are keys to the endgame expeditions.

These Tuning Orbs cost a lot of materials, though. Check out our full guide to the orbs here.

Secondly, you probably want to steer into Arcana. Not only are the high-tier Infused mana and health potions extremely useful, but the tinctures and damage-boosts also help you clear dungeons and arenas in decent time.

Lastly, Smelting. A high level in Smelting allows you to refine Asmodeum bars, a required material to craft Voidbent armor. This 600 gear score armor is the first endgame armor you'll pick up and is the most convenient in terms of hitting that max GS right away.

We have several guides in place for leveling various crafting skills quickly:

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