People can't get enough of Mass Effect or the Normandy — whatever SR you personally prefer. Luckily, Hello Games knows what players want. For a limited time only, Mass Effect's iconic SSV Normandy SR-1 can be obtained once again in No Man's Sky's Beachhead Expedition, available from December 8.

No Man's Sky developers announced the return of the game's shared seasonal events known as Expeditions, offering unique challenges and associated rewards. Each mission is only available for a certain time period before the next comes along. Starting on November 24, players can take part in the Pioneers Expedition, running until December 7 with the Golden Vector starship as the major prize.

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After that, Beachhead will follow from December 8 to December 21 — and this is your chance to get the legendary Mass Effect starship, originally inherited by Commander Shepard from Admiral David Anderson in the first BioWare game. SSV Normandy SR-1 was added to No Man's Sky this May, shortly after Mass Effect Legendary Edition launched. The guest version of the vessel is classified as a Recon-Type S-class Frigate and has excellent combat and exploration capabilities — just like the original, despite being destroyed by the Collectors.


There are four Expeditions in total returning to No Man's Sky this Holiday, with the third called Cartographers running from December 22 to January 4. The final, Emergence, kicks off January 5 and runs till January 9. The latter is also interesting for Dune fans, as it is set in the desert world of Wasan, ravaged by sandstorms and giant Titan Worms. And you can ride them, too.

According to the devs, the re-run of the seasonal events is a "one-off", so you'd better not miss your chance to replay those or experience them for the first time. Not to mention the chance to add four unique starships to your collection.

What if you want even more Mass Effect in your life? Well, you can expect Mass Effect Legendary Edition to land in Game Pass at one point in the future, as well as keep an eye on the mysterious TV show potentially on the way from Amazon. And BioWare is also teasing the next Mass Effect game, which we currently know very little about.

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