To say that players are unhappy with the Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy is a bit of an understatement. In fact, the folks at Rockstar had to issue a statement to apologize for the way the remasters launched and to ask folks not to harass the developers. While the developer - Grove Street - is working hard to patch up the issues with the games, modders are taking matters into their own hands to restore them to their original glory.

The Definitive Edition of GTA has made several changes to the original trilogy to revamp the old titles. These include changing the radio stations available in San Andreas and overhauling character designs like Tommy Vercetti completely. These alterations have not sat well with many players who miss the looks and sounds that made the originals so iconic. Modders are working hard to restore the remastered games to their initial state.

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Nexusmods, a popular site for uploading and downloading game mods, is packed with modifications that aim to fix the remastered trilogy. One such mod, All Radio Songs Restored, allows users to include all the tunes that were cut from the definitive edition of San Andreas. Uploaded by user epicfallout, this initially added just a single song back in, but after many comments begging for the entire playlist to be added, the mod was updated to do just that. Another mod for San Andreas, uploaded by user vancazMOD, lets players restore the game’s classic wasted animation and some of the fonts that were changed.

GTA Trilogy-2

More mods for the trilogy include GTA VC DE Reshade Original PS2 Ambience from Keisirius, a graphics mod that will bring back the feel of the original setting of the PS2 version of Vice City. Another mod, from DoctorMicah, aims to restore Tommy Vercetti to how he looked before his makeover. There is also a mod that will bring back the original menu sounds to the game.

So, if you are unhappy with the way the remastered trilogy turned out you can save yourself the hassle of returning the game and simply make it look like the games you remember from your childhood.

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