Your first two villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons are cursed to an eternity of owning a boring house. As a way of introducing you to the crafting mechanics, your starters will always have empty homes, only furnished with what you craft for them. Every other villager will be decked out with homes which much better suit their particular brand, with pre-set furnishing that you can choose to alter further. This can make it frustrating if your first two villagers are particularly unique, as they'll be stuck with generic looking homes.

Thankfully, one player has finally found a fix for this. If you still have your starter villagers on the island, it turns out you can simply complain about them to Isabelle. She'll then force them to decorate their homes as they normally would, if they had moved in later in the game.

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This neat little feature was shared by Reddit user whatsmylifeanyway, showing how they forced Reneigh to switch from basic wooden furniture, to her more expressive original interior.


You'll need to have the Happy Home Paradise DLC installed to try this out for yourself, but if you do, simply head over to Isabelle. Tell her you want to complain about a resident, select the one with the unfortunate interior design, and say that the "way their home looks" is upsetting you. Does it make you an evil overlord? Kinda. But that's what New Horizons is all about.

The DLC actually hones in on this obsessive need to micromanage the lives of our neighbours, as it also added a way to completely remodel their homes altogether. You can dictate what the exterior of their house should look like, just as you would your own, so it can better suit your island's aesthetic. You can also march in and demand they move furniture around - it's wonderful stuff.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is available now, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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