Network Marketing is the Alternative

In NORTH AMERICA things are changing every day, things are changing at every instant, gone are the days where you can go to college or university and get a degree and move on to get a great job and have a awesome career in the field or in the profession of your choosing and then retire at a reasonable age and enjoy those twilight years of your living.

Statistics show that since 2010 the Direct Sales Industry has made 28.56 billion in Sales that being Network Marketing.By 2017 an estimated 50% of homes will be involved in some kind pf Direct Sales or Network Marketing Business business.

Home Based Statistics

20% of home based business owners said that their business grossed between $100,00 to $500,000 last year,and the home based business success and Network Marketing rate is over 85% compared to other businesses like retail or restaurants and those are at a 95% failure rate or every 5 years.

The Track Record of Network Marketing

The Network Marketing industry is an great field because it gives a chance for the average person to get ahead and create some residual income you know the in some that keeps working even if you are not.

This is why since the 1950’s there have been six recessions in America and the Network Marketing industry has shown an increase in production every single time because which ever way the economy goes the Direct Sales industry goes the opposite.

You may ask yourself why is that,well its simple when opportunities are hard to come by every body is looking for another avenue of income and that’s where the Network Marketing market comes in.

The Evidence is here

You can see for yourself according to the Direct Selling Association and the U.S. Census statistics, 15.8 million people are working from home right now another 38 million are working from home part-time in some form of Network Marketing business.

Don’t expect to be Rich over night

The Network Marketing or Direct Selling industry by far is not a get rich quick scheme it takes a lot of difficult work but with the stats it basically means that anyone can join this business model and make it as far high as they want.

In the end it is your choice to make whether you want to be part of the mass who decides to do something about their current situation or be the one who gets mad cries complains and just sits there and does nothing to make it in this changing world and the overall economy.

It is always up to you to go for your dreams or sit on the sidelines and watch someone do it in your place.